John Oliver Owes the Press Some Booze and Lube

Funny thing is, the movie trailer spoof of “Spotlight,”—which John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight dubbed “Stoplight” in his recent episode—pretty much sums up the last two months of my tenure at Gawker, in that Sam Zell played a bit role.  Apparently Zell was too boring for a media reporter to continue covering. As is my wont,


EMS Transport Tips: Do Not Drop The Olympic Athlete

I thought the initial lack of at least splinting-in-place straight off was bad enough for poor French gymnast Samir Ait Said, who suffered an open tib/fib fracture while performing his second vault yesterday.  But the medical staff did get around to it eventually, after removing him from the floor.    Frankly, if I’ve learned anything


Things I Hate About Facebook

Come up with and compose your own thoughts and, if I agree, I will share them and credit you accordingly. Until then, don’t join the lemmings pushing you to publicize another’s exclamation point-laden, derivative guilt trip of a diatribe.


Ivy League Takes Cue From Dartmouth On Reducing Football Concussions

Very proud right now that the entire Ivy League is eliminating tackling during college football practices. A remarkable step on an issue where so many still deny the science and medicine at the expense of tens of thousands of athletes. Prouder still that they’re following the lead of my alma mater, Dartmouth College, which prohibited

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