Things I Hate About Facebook

Come up with and compose your own thoughts and, if I agree, I will share them and credit you accordingly. Until then, don’t join the lemmings pushing you to publicize another’s exclamation point-laden, derivative guilt trip of a diatribe.


Ivy League Takes Cue From Dartmouth On Reducing Football Concussions

Very proud right now that the entire Ivy League is eliminating tackling during college football practices. A remarkable step on an issue where so many still deny the science and medicine at the expense of tens of thousands of athletes. Prouder still that they’re following the lead of my alma mater, Dartmouth College, which prohibited

RIP TransCare

TransCare Ambulance Co. Shuts Down Entirely, Despite Tilton’s Promises

Tonight, the Daily News is singing the praises of “FDNY EMS crews work[ing] non-stop since Transcare bankruptcy,” a reference to the long-expected news this week that the private ambulance company would be  restructured under Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, shutting down its NYC 911 services and leaving an estimated 1,200 employees in the lurch.

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Arianna Vairo, NYT

When Well-Meaning Sociology Shoots Itself in the Foot

In an opinion piece written by Dr. Callie Marie Rennison in yesterday’s New York Times, the UC-Denver professor argues sexual violence on college campuses is “an epidemic that does not exist.” Media focus on women lucky enough to be in college ought not take attention away from the significantly more preponderant sexual violence against uneducated poor women. Op-eds argued as haphazardly as this one is do its author’s noble purpose no favors.

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