Arianna Vairo, NYT

When Well-Meaning Sociology Shoots Itself in the Foot

In an opinion piece written by Dr. Callie Marie Rennison in yesterday’s New York Times, the UC-Denver professor argues sexual violence on college campuses is “an epidemic that does not exist.” Media focus on women lucky enough to be in college ought not take attention away from the significantly more preponderant sexual violence against uneducated poor women. Op-eds argued as haphazardly as this one is do its author’s noble purpose no favors.


Gamer Jenny Haniver’s Site: Fantastically Funny and Oh So Disheartening

Belatedly discovered the fantastic Jenny Haniver’s website, Not in the Kitchen Anymore, just now. If you’re a woman who plays team video games, you’ll find the recordings of her xBox Live chats as she plays Call of Duty familiar, funny and fucking depressing.

Photo Illustration by John Ritter for Rolling Stone

Rape, Rolling Stone and Reporting

The explosive Rolling Stone story about an alleged 2012 gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity and the elite college’s casual handling of it is beginning to lose some of its power, with the rest of the press closely examining the reportage and coming back with some significant questions. Rolling Stone is taking a beating on the credibility of the piece, the reporter, the methods it used and the single source of the story, all of which is a damn shame. Too bad they have only themselves to blame.

The Andy Griffith Show

Daytime TV Has Improved Since I Was A Kid

It’s been awhile since I flicked through channels on a weekday morning. Retro city!  


Modern Runaways

Doesn’t anyone moodily make their way to the bus depot anymore? Teen Unharmed After Riding in Wheel Well of Jet from California to Honolulu, no less.

Cooper Vs. Melvin

Anderson Cooper Creams Befuddled Arizona State Sen. Al Melvin Over SB-1062

God, this is awkward and awesome television.

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