Much Ado About Not Much
Virginia Tech survivor Kristina Anderson talks to The Chronicle.

Ten Years On, Virginia Tech Survivor Turns Focus to First Responders

First responders: If you have time to read only one thing this week, let it be this exceptional piece on Virginia Tech survivor Kristina Anderson, from The Chronicle’s Eric Hoover.

12 Apr 2017

Beer, Baseball and Boobs: Things EMTs Aren’t Paid To Dispense

I’d like to dedicate my belated worship of this piece by Elizabeth Spiers to every drunk male baseball fan who has accused me — an on-duty in-uniform EMT looking for patient distress in a sea of 40,000 people — of not “smiling pretty” for them.

10 Sep 2016

John Oliver Owes the Press Some Booze and Lube

I’m glad people are enjoying the episode, in which Oliver makes somewhat more ejaculation jokes than normal. Hey, what can you do, splooge is funny. But to anyone who once was or is a “journalist” and watched as the majority of their (lucky) peers were regurgitated as “content producers,” this was just kind of painful and should have aired with free shots.

08 Aug 2016

EMS Transport Tips: Do Not Drop The Olympic Athlete

I thought the initial lack of at least splinting-in-place straight off was bad enough for poor French gymnast Samir Ait Said, who suffered an open tib/fib fracture while performing his second vault yesterday. But the medical staff did get around to it eventually, after removing him from the floor. Frankly, if I’ve learned anything working

07 Aug 2016

Things I Hate About Facebook

Come up with and compose your own thoughts and, if I agree, I will share them and credit you accordingly. Until then, don’t join the lemmings pushing you to publicize another’s exclamation point-laden, derivative guilt trip of a diatribe.

16 Jun 2016
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