John Oliver Owes the Press Some Booze and Lube

Funny thing is, the movie trailer spoof of “Spotlight,”—which John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight dubbed “Stoplight” in his recent episode—pretty much sums up the last two months of my tenure at Gawker, in that Sam Zell played a bit role.

Apparently Zell was too boring for a media reporter to continue covering. As is my wont, I objected.
Apart from that, Oliver’s satirical trailer probably nails the experience of most reporters who’ve been around for the last 10—30 years.

I’m glad people are enjoying the episode, in which Oliver makes somewhat more ejaculation jokes than normal. Hey, what can you do, splooge is funny.

But to anyone who once was or is a “journalist” and watched as the majority of their (lucky) peers were regurgitated as “content producers,” this was just kind of painful and should have aired with free shots.


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