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Call me trite, call me sanctimonious, call me cynical, it may be all true. Then again, so was this:
“I would like television to produce some itching pills rather than this endless outpouring of tranquilizers. It can be done. Maybe it won’t be, but it could.” —October 15, 1958, Chicago
But! Back to our regular programming:
MTV Networks is currently casting for new character walk-ons for returning game show in its 3rd Season. Must be willing to commute to NYC for Rehearsal and shoot day. LOOKING for an eccentric woman with long armpit hair for role where she is willing to remove it after months or possibly even years since shaving. [Via, naturally]

03 Apr 2010

“Congratulations to the great John Cook on the new gig.”(via alexbalk)

01 Apr 2010

Kudos To TimeOut For Keeping A Straight Face Through This Interview

05 Aug 2009

Your Magazine Career? In The Clearance Bin At Barnes & Noble

03 Jan 2009

Calling All Aging Tracy Flicks

20 Mar 2008
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