Ten Years On, Virginia Tech Survivor Turns Focus to First Responders
Virginia Tech survivor Kristina Anderson talks to The Chronicle.

First responders: If you have time to read only one thing this week, let it be this exceptional piece on Virginia Tech survivor Kristina Anderson, from The Chronicle’s Eric Hoover. Remarkably honest, intricately compassionate, this is powerful storytelling about grief and fear. Anderson, who was shot three times in her classroom on April 16, 2007, finally writes this message to herself seven years later:

“You wake up and you decide the world is good.”

After a decade of traveling the country, connecting with other victims of violent crime and telling her story, Anderson now hopes to study the experiences of first-responders as long-term witnesses to trauma.

Give that a think for a moment. And tomorrow, just maybe, wake up and decide the world is good.

Kristina Anderson Shares Her Story,, The Koshka Foundation [YouTube]
The Arc of Her Survival, Chronicle of Higher Education, April 9, 2017.


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