Cause? None in particular it seems, except for “the general weakness of the magazine’s newsstand sales and circulation figures.” Well, that would put Hodge in good company with the magazine’s previous editors. Hey, it’s hard to be a gangster. (Clockwise, from top right, Harper’s Magazine editors from 1941 through 2010.) Frederick L. Allen: 1941—1953 (died) John Fischer: 1954—1966 (retired, no pic.) Willie Morris: 1967—1971 (fired) Robert Shnayerson:* 1971—1976 (fired) Lewis Lapham: 1976—1981 (fired) Michael Kinsley: 1981—1983 (fired) Lewis Lapham: 1983—2006 (retired) Roger D. Hodge 2006—2010 (fired) *Yes, related.

Utterly Shocking Report from NYT: “Harper’s Ed. Hodge Fired; Didn’t Quit.”


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