The Daily’s EIC, Jesse Angelo, rallying the troops and pretty much defining good reportering. Aw jeez, someone find me my copy of All the President’s Men.

We need to get out there and start finding more compelling stories from around the country—not just scraping the web and the wires, but getting out on the ground and reporting. Find me an amazing human story at a trial the rest of the media is missing. Find me a school district where the battle over reform is being fought and tell the human tales. Find a town that is going to be unincorporated because it’s broke. Find me a story of corruption and malfeasance in a state capitol that no one has found. Find me something new, different, exclusive and awesome. Find me the oldest dog in America, or the richest man in South Dakota. Force the new White House press secretary to download The Daily for the first time because everyone at the gaggle is asking about a story we broke. Get in front of a story and make it ours—force the rest of the media to follow us.


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